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Skalli Events opened its doors in 1999 and from the outset has worked effectively with clients as partners in constructing successful events; from small event through to large scale conventions, Skalli Events has continued to provide its partners with a scrupulous level of technological achievement and client satisfaction. We serve a large range of markets, including corporate events, conventions, conferences, and concert touring.

Skalli Events remains at the forefront of new technology, equipped to meet the complexities of any event or scenario. The Skalli Events team is dedicated to a proposition of top level technical proficiency and a meticulous eye for detail in the planning process to deliver the desired result.

We have worked in hotel ballrooms, convention centers, concert halls, tents, warehouses, office building foyers, and any other place you can put a speaker, stage, or flat screen. We can transform any space, as well as provide scalable solutions to fit a wide degree of budgets and needs. Our team consists of experts in logistics, technical equipment, and live event production. We know how to deliver Success You Hear and Results You See. 

In the US, we have offices in the North East. South East and Midwest.

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Corporate Meetings and Conferences

Skalli Events has spent many years traveling the country supporting meetings and events for corporate and financial industries. Our clients have chosen to use our services because we represent their needs every step of the way. We respond quickly in communication, pay attention to the details and needs of each presenter, develop a main plan of attack and then a backup plan, dress professionally, and execute to perfection. We understand that you only get one chance to make that first impression, and so Skalli Events acts as an extension of your team to maximize results. We will work with you in every venue and convention center.
Skalli Events will always deliver results.


Non Profit Organizations

Skalli Events specializes in balancing audiovisual needs and budgetary requirements for Non Profit Organizations. We understand the limitations and the challenges you face as to work with your budget to meet your fundraising objectives. We will provide the same successful results that we deliver for our “For Profit” clients, plus all of the additional support and understanding that you and your volunteer team require.


Technical Support for your live events team

We work on floor plans, logistics, union coordination, and provide all of the technical staffing for your events. We will work with all departments and personnel that have a vested interest in the success of the meeting. We will also work with your volunteers or other suppliers that may be donating their services to make sure they have what they need to succeed as well.


System Design & Installation for your internal communication needs

We install sound, video, lighting and communication equipment for lobbies, board rooms, auditoriums, and conference centers.


Preventive Maintenance for your internal equipment

Our team will develop a scheduled maintenance program to reduce down time and ensure your internal communication equipment is always functioning properly. We understand the high pressure and urgent needs of the corporate environment, and we know how critical a role communication plays.
Skalli Events is your partner for both internal and external events and installations.

You only get ONE

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Quality is never an

ACCIDENT.It is always


Henry Ford


Skalli Events specializes in balancing a...

Intelligence without ambition

is a bird without wings.

Salvador Dali

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